According to IMRG and Capgemini, Brits spent 12% more online in the run up to Christmas 2015 than they did the previous year. This added up to a whopping £24bn, with 2016 digital sales expected to be even higher. To take advantage of this online spending spree, eCommerce sites need to be up, running and in perfect working order for the duration of the festive period. If disaster strikes and a site does go down, fast and efficient recovery is crucial if businesses don’t want to miss out on essential sales.


What is website recovery?

Website recovery is the process by which a damaged, destroyed or deleted site is replaced in part or in whole by a healthy version, or when lost information within a website is recovered. Though most of the time an e-commerce site will operate without a hitch, sometimes viruses, glitches and other unforeseen errors cause vital data to be lost and online stores to stop working.

If a site is properly backed up and the backup is kept away from the live site, the damaged version can just be replaced. In some cases, data may also need to be recovered from the old version for the e-commerce site to fulfil its commitments and carry on as normal.

Why is website recovery more important at Christmas?

If the primary location of a site becomes unusable due to failure or disaster, website recovery is used to get the site back in working order. The backed up version of the site is stored at a separate location to ensure it’s kept safe from whatever damaged the original version.

If a website needs to be recovered, it’s important it’s back up and running again as soon possible. The longer a site is down, the more sales it will miss and the more likely it is customers will get frustrated and opt for competitors. Not only will these damage sales in the short term, but it could also have an impact on the eCommerce site’s reputation and could put customers off in the future.


Investing online at Christmas 

With eCommerce sites generating more and more money every year, investing in essential care and website maintenance is essential. Having backups available and having a recovery plan in place will ensure a damaged site is returned to the web quickly and efficiently.

The more prepared a site is for the pressure of the Christmas selling period, the better able it will be to take full advantage of the boom in spending. To find out more, or to discuss a disaster recovery plan of your own, contact a member of our team today.

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