There’s no denying it; If your business wants to have an edge and stand out in today’s competitive market, then you need to have an excellently designed and aesthetically pleasing brand identity facing customers and clients. In fact, research from the Design Management Institute suggests that design-led companies that put money into designing smoother user experiences, beautiful branding, and innovative advertising saw significant performance boosts against companies that did not put as much emphasis in design. This article aims to explore how to get better marketing results with a great design by exploring the notions of how investing in great design creates a strong brand identity leading to a consistency and eventual trust from consumers that help your business’ bottom line. Investing in good design is good for business, and we’re going to show you how.


What is great design?

Great design is a difficult concept to grasp. Since experiencing design is a subjective experience, it’s hard to create a design that is universally experienced positively. In fact, it’s why designers exist in the first place! Placing your trust and investing in design with a dependable creative web agency is well worth it. A great design should help motivate a potential customer into taking action with your business, reduce their anxiety in that action, and provide a clear and easy path for that action. A great design achieves this goal by giving your business an excellent first impression, building a strong brand identity, making it as easy as possible for a potential customer to engage with your business, and providing a solid base of consistency your customers can count on in the future.


Brand Identity

Brand identity is more important than ever in our increasingly connected world. Brand identity is the look, feel, and sound of your brand. With so many people now able to create a business, and all those businesses competing for customers, brand identity helps your business stand out from the crowd. For example, logos are a key element in a business’ brand identity. A well-designed logo, clean and to the point, serves as an excellent anchor for customers to remember your business. A logo consistently used throughout a business’ website, marketing materials, and merchandise creates a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. However, brand identity is not limited to just the design of a logo for a company; it’s just the tip of the iceberg! For instance, using repeating color schemes and design elements on the website, marketing materials, and merchandise reinforces the logo and simply helps the process of creating a lasting impression on customers.


First Impressions

People are visual creatures and giving your business a pleasing appearance is extremely important. Having a clear brand identity throughout a business establishes trust in a customer. Customers are increasingly faced with a wide variety of businesses to choose for their needs and having a clear and excellent design creates a solid first impression. If one business has a website that is a disorganized mess with an inconsistent approach to marketing materials and appeals, customers will be far more likely to become involved with a company that can show an organized and clean front even if the latter has a worse product. A consistent and clear design imparts the belief in a potential customer of professionalism and well-deserved trust.


Design in Usability

It’s easy to interpret that design only includes the visual elements of your business. This is a common misconception. Beyond customers experiencing the chosen color scheme or logo of a business, great design also includes the user experience and ease of access to a business and it’s products. A great website design, for instance, will make it as easy as possible for a customer to buy a product by reducing the number of clicks required to an absolute minimum. The easier it is for the customer to engage with and purchase a product, the more likely the sale occurs. Another example of this can be seen with customer experience with customer support. A support system that is easy to navigate and designed to be as simple and effective as possible serves to build a good repertoire with a customer and ensure repeat business.


Design Management

Consistent care, continuation, and management of a great design is also an important factor that helps improve marketing results. A consistent design from a business across multiple products helps create a familiarity with customers with all the available products a business provides. Consider the example of the rise of smartphones and their operating systems. While smartphones have improved dramatically in the ten years since their first rise to popularity, the design language and elements of Apple’s iOS, for instance, has stayed consistent throughout that period. Throughout the many updates to the mobile operating system, Apple has sought to provide a unified experience across multiple products so that customers with knowledge in one product, such as an iPhone, can use an iPad without a significant amount of retraining. Consistent design and management of that design help create a brand loyalty. Thus, significantly changing a design is a risky endeavor for any company. For instance, Youtube has faced significant backlash every time the user’s experience was significantly changed from previous iterations of the design.


In conclusion, great design ultimately creates a sense of trust in a potential customer. This trust is key in attracting new customers and keeping them once they’ve decided to use your business. Great design should not be seen as an extra tacked on to a business to make it look pretty. Great design is a fundamental building block of successful business strategy. If you’re just starting out a new business or approaching a moment where a re-evaluation of your business’ design is feasible, I hope this article has helped clearly explain how investing in great design will help improve your bottom line. Invest in great design and create a strong identity that builds loyalty and trust, conveys stability, makes your business memorable, and shows commitment and personal pride. The results will speak for themselves, I guarantee it.

About the author


Chloe Smith is a web design enthusiast and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success. When she’s not working, she’s probably somewhere cuddled up with a good book, and a cup of lemongrass tea (or more honestly binge-watching the newest Netflix hit show).