Tips To Turn Unsatisfactory Content Into Exceptional Content

The Basis of Great Content

Writing great content takes both hard work and time. Building a successful brand is not accomplished overnight. Poor content is nothing more than a waste of resources, energy and time. Good content on a website or blog increases traffic, reaches the target audience and boost SEO rankings. Sites with duplicate or poor content are penalized while sites with high quality and original content are rewarded. The problem is many people are unaware of what makes great content.

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The Importance of Originality

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to copy the content of another site. This can have serious consequences and cause the site to fail. Original content is not simply rewriting the same concepts over and over. It is coming up with new ideas and angles that are refreshing and exciting. This will help the business establish high quality links and increase traffic. The content must be crisp, clear and easy to understand or the search engines will classify it as gibberish. If the site has absolutely nothing new to say then the content should be left as is. For an example, if the site is trying to convey how to get the lowest car insurance, then even if the terms are older, the portrayal should be done with a unique concept created for the specific product.

Creating Strong Headlines

The headline is critical because it attracts the attention of the readers. Statistic show eighty percent of all consumers will read the headline but only twenty percent read the content. This makes the headline just as important as the post or article. The headline can be funny, scary, spectacular or downright goofy as long as it catches the attention of the readers and make them want to read the content. A good headline does not have to be long, should be positive, promote curiosity and entice the reader. A good approach is to create several different headline to choose from. These should be written with careful thought and never rushed. The headline is essentially the bait and the readers the fish. The idea is to catch as many as possible.

Actionable Content

The best content is actionable and provides readers with ways to use the information. The content does not list step by step instructions but assures the reader they will know how the content should be used. Tips are excellent content because they provide the readers with useful information. The interest of many readers is sparked simply by well written content regardless of the subject.

Providing Answers

Search engines exist to provide people with answers to their questions by using links, videos and pictures. This concept does not change when people are reading blogs and content. They are trying to gain knowledge by finding the answers to their questions. They also want answers as quickly as possible. This means the most important and juiciest part of the content should be available first and be easy to read. The content should satisfy curiosity, provide answers and be backed up with accurate information.

Accuracy is Critical

Thousands of people read content and blogs. Inaccurate information can easily damage the reputation of the company. The blog reflects the business. If there are issues the company will be negatively impacted. All statistics must be verified and should link directly to the source. Readers will trust a site with proven accuracy. Both careers and businesses have been permanently damaged by false or inaccurate facts. It is not always possible to recover from this damage. This makes it critical to make certain all facts are accurate. The source should be authoritative and trusted such as a quality website to earn the respect of the readers. Linking to more than one source is an excellent way to backup the content. This will also help the search engines categorize the content.

Engaging Content

When the audience is engaged they will hang on every single word. This will only happen if the content itself is engaging. One of the best ways to make certain the content is engaging is to leave the readers with questions. This does not mean compiling an incomplete post but rather leaving readers thinking about the best way to use the knowledge they have gained. The introduction should be both promising and important. People will judge the content within the first couple of sentences. They will not continue if they believe the content is not worth reading. The readers must understand what is being discussed and want to continue reading. People have been listening to stories for many generations. A story is a good way to clarify an important point. This will teach the reader and they will enjoy the content. If the content sparks numerous comments it will be noticed by the search engines and they will return more frequently.

Video and Images

People do not all learn the same way. Visual aids such as images, diagrams and video will have the greatest impact on the readers. These can effectively enhance the experience for the readers. Paragraphs of text are best left in novels but images add an entirely new level to the content. It is also important not to include any fluff. This will improve the composition of the writing. The best articles are full of information, come right to the point and are fairly brief. The word count is much less significant than the quality of the content.

The Updates

Quality content requires a commitment. The content must be updated regularly with new and refreshing content to remain effective. If the same content is written then abandoned it, it will not draw any new readers. The search engines will also visit very infrequently. If the writer does not intend to remain committed to the site there is no reason to post any content to start with.

The Bottom Line

There is no one answer for writing excellent content. All of the ideas described above will help ensure the content is engaging, well documented and capable of grabbing the attention of the readers.

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