There are many of us who attempt to start an ecommerce business. There is much that goes into starting a business like this. One foremost important aspect of any business, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, is marketing. Not so much marketing as are the branding and marketing of the brand of your business. When it comes to brand marketing, there are a few tools that might assist you. This article will outline eight tools to help you brand market.

These eight tools are deluxe logo maker, packlane, yotpo, traackr, ReBrandly, unbounce, fortify, and MailChimp. Each of these will be considered more in depth in the following paragraphs.


Deluxe Logo Maker

You should never take for delivered the goodness of your logo. This is important. There are many people who will recognize the brand’s logo and associate thoughts on the logo. The logo can make or have a good company. It needs to have an excellent logo maker and to create a logo that will fit the personality of your company. If you are going to succeed in the e-commerce industry, it is just as important to have a great logo for your company as if you were having a brick-and-mortar store. Customers will take on the logo of a business.


This is an essential tool. This tool will enable you to upload your logo into the system. Once you upload your logo into the system, you can use it to generate packaging and shipping materials. Big box companies like Walmart and Amazon use a similar service to put their logo on the boxes they send to clients and Walmart their shopping bags. If you about succeed and begin competing with other giants in the industry, you will want to have your logo on the boxes and envelopes you use to ship products from your site to your customers.


Yotpo is a marketing service that will help you generate customer reviews for your site. This is to say that clients can leave their reviews easier. Studies have found that customers or potential clients will most likely buy a product only after reading the reviews from others on it. This is to say they do not think the manufacturer of the product or the company selling the product as much as they trust their peers. Customers and potential customers who read positive reviews on your site for products you are selling are likely to buy from your site.


This is a neat tool that will allow a business to keep track of their influence marketing campaigns. These campaigns are key to any business. Influence marketing is used by contracting with celebrities or those who have large followings on Twitter and Instagram. The influencer will post a picture or a comment about a product or your site and share it with all their fans. This is important because they have a huge following and can attract visitors to your site for relatively a low fee. These might be hard to keep track of, but Traackr helps with that.


This is a website that will shorten your URL for you. It not only shortens the URL, but it will shorten it in a way that will keep part of the original URL in the shortened link. This is important because there are so many URL shortening services out there that will put additional advertisements in with the link. This has created a lack of trust in consumers. They no longer want to click the shortened link. They will click it if they can trust it. ReBrandly will help you gain that trust with your potential visitors.


This is a software company that will assist you in getting the landing page right. Visitors to your site will be less likely to leave immediately if they are directed to a landing page that will be pleasing to the eye. Do not underestimate the way your site looks. Consumers want to visit a site that is eye appealing. They do not want to visit a site that looks sloppy and takes them to a URL landing page that is not what they were looking for. This software helps you get the client to the page they are looking for so they will not immediately leave.


This is software that helps you generate the correct font for your site. There are studies that show visitors to a site will look at the font even. The font is especially important in your brand’s logo. This is so that customers will find it catching the eye. They look at and analyze everything from your logo to the font on your site. This software will assist you in creating a logo with the font just right so the visitors to your site will find it catchy.


MailChimp is a mass email service that will allow you to send your client’s emails. This is not the only reason you should use a service like MailChimp, you should use a service like MailChimp because it is important to personalize the emails you send to your clients. Clients who receive personalized emails are more likely to open them. The email should have your brand logo somewhere on it. This is to say that your brand should be there to instil trust in your clients that they are not getting phishing emails or spam.

In conclusion, this article discussed eight marketing tools you can use in the business to help with the branding process. The branding process is important because consumers relate best to brands and not names of companies or people selling them the products. The new age agenda is to market your brand through the influencers and public figures. A great example of the same can be taken from the Prosupps website where they’ve portrayed Hector Lombard as their Prosupps Athlete. Amazon is more than a website. It is a brand. It employs many of the tools examined in this article. There are more tools a business can use to generate their trademark. These are all critical tools that can help when you are branding and marketing the brand. Clients, especially those in the United States like brands.

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