Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and despite the fact that it started out as a simple and humble bookstore many years ago, the website now sells a variety of different products and chances are that you have actually purchased something form the website before. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people purchasing items from the website every single week and using the Amazon affiliate program, you can actually get in on this action and start making some money for yourself.

The key to a lot of Amazon’s success is that there are regular people out there that help them drive sales to their website. This is done using an affiliate program and Amazon is happy to give you a small amount of commission should you find a buyer for one of their items. This means that you can actually make a decent amount of money from the website as finding people that want to buy form Amazon is not hard at all.

If you have a website of any kind, then making use of the Amazon affiliate program is easy. One of the things that ytou can do is simply sign up to the program and then place a text link to Amazon on your website. This way, if anyone clicks through to the link and makes a sale, you will generate a commission on that sale. However, Amazon has advanced in this area over the last few years and you can now even add a full store or a widget to your website featuring products of your choice. This is really customisable and means that you can target your niche on your website.

For example, if you have a camera advice website, you might want to place the Amazon widget on your site that features some of the best cameras. You will then generate commission whenever anyone buys one. You can actually earn up to 10 percent of the total sale price on Amazon which means that you can make a substantial amount if you are selling a lot of products or some of the higher priced products on Amazon through your website or blog.

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